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Before we go out to eat we typically identify why we’re going, right? Sometimes it’s for a special occasion, while other times it’s a drive-thru experience meant to fill our bellies fast! Or maybe we go out to eat to enjoy a nice meal without busting our diet. Whatever lens we approach the menu with is how we will order. If I’m sticking to my diet, I may glance at the menu – but camp out at the meats/veggies or salad options. The intention of my visit helps me filter the menu down to a few items. 


Think of your typical to-do list in the same way. First, identify your outcome. What is it that you want to achieve this week? Today? What outcome would best serve you/your family. Then, jot down everything that’s on your menu. That is, any and all tasks that are available to you (aka your to-do list). Now – combine your outcome with your available menu. Select your top 3 items that fit and are time sensitive - these go in the important! section.  


Then continue to sort your menu into the remaining two areas – this week and pause. Pause the items that truly can wait. Maybe they can wait because they aren’t that important, or maybe they need to wait because they don’t fit the outcome you’re after. If your outcome for the week is slowing down, maybe most of your list needs to be dumped into the pause box.

It's up for you to decide. Looking at your list as opportunities versus tasks dumped upon you is FREEING. You'll want to practice this each week as you approach your list making time (for more on time blocking, click here).

Your action menu can be accessed below - happy menu writing!

Access Your Action Menu

Click Here to Download Your Action Menu - Print to Use OR Fill in Digitally

Flip your thinking around your to-do list and see what happens. Exactly how to approach tasks as action opportunities.

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