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Why Coaching?

Because it's hard to focus on what you want the most when there are things you need right now.

Maybe you want A level clients the most, but what you need right now is another closed case. Or perhaps you want more margin in your life, but you need to manage your appointments, case prep, prospecting and reviews right now.

It's not hard to see that we often sacrifice what we want most for what we need now.

Coaching helps equip you with the tools, resources, mindset, beliefs and accountability to get to what you want the most. You'll do the work, but you won't be alone in it.

Sample Coaching Schedule

  • Introductions

  • MindScan Assessment Review

  • Defining How You View Success

  • Time Tracking Exercise & Analysis

  • Curation of Your Business Plan

  • Customized ProAdvisorDrivers Platform - we will integrate your business plan into your custom dashboard so we can track all the metrics you value

  • Continued Business Plan Coaching with special focuses on:

    • Client Segmentation, Defining Ideal clients

    • Curating WOW Experiences for your clients​

    • Sales Training & Support - language that converts, running effective meetings, best practices

    • Referral Training & Practice

    • Core Disciplines for Advisors

The Cost of Coaching

How much does coaching cost?

While I bet you're hoping there's a one size fits all answer, there's not. Fees are custom. Similar to vacation packages, right?!? It matters where you're going, how long you're staying, the intensity of the experience and if you'll be bringing others along!

This isn't a scary conversation to have with me so don't be nervous. The best first step is to have that complimentary strategy session - let's see if it could be a good fit. Then, if it is, we will la
y out your wants, needs, wishes & budget to see what we can make work. I'll be honest and I know you will be too.

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