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Fun, Fast Facts

Born? St. Pete, Florida

Married? 9 Years

Kids? 2 (Bailey & Barrett)

Coaching Experience? 8 Years

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Fav. Book? Finish by Jon Acuff

Hobbies? Riding My Peloton & Crafting

Degree? Exercise Science

Fears? Heights 

University Attended? USC (Gamecocks!)

With a degree in Exercise Science and a heart for helping people work on themselves, I started my own Personal Training company fresh out of college. I worked closely with women in the community and grew my business, learning A LOT along the way. It wasn't long before I was hosting neighborhood bootcamps, recipe swaps and had a fully booked calendar and a broad network. 


Shortly after having my first baby - I sensed a career pivot was needed. I aligned with ProAdvisorCoach as their Relationship Expert. I began shadowing some of the most gifted executive, leadership, sales and performance business coaches in the industry. I knew it was time to use my skillset in networking, operations, systems and planning as a business coach. Despite my fear of failing, I formally trained under ProAdvisorCoach and began my business coaching career. Since then, I have partnered with some of the most incredible companies, organizations, nonprofits and individuals (seriously). I learned that confidence comes after courage. The most powerful lesson I have learned so far is that solely focusing on adding value to people is the single biggest force for change in my life and business. 


It's been such an honor and privilege to be able to be at home full time with my two kids (Bailey - 5 and Barrett - 4) and pursue my passion of helping people bring out the best in themselves and their businesses. I am a recovering 'hustler' and will always advocate that the welll-rested entrepreneural journey DOES exist. You have to prepare and plan properly - but consistent rest is possible as an entrepreneur. I believe deep down in my bones that our best work comes out of great rest.   


I love to rest creatively - so you can find me doing renovating something in our home, working on a farm project or crafting. My husband, Chad, and I recently bought land to built our dream farm! Currently, we have 8 chickens, 3 barn cats and 1 big dog. In just a few weeks we will welcome 35 new birds to our lives (geese, ducks, chickens and guineas!). They're coming whether we are ready or not. Oh - I'm also a Peloton junkie. Can't forget that. 

My heart is that you'd see I am human. I am not exempt from the struggles found in entrepreneurship or team leadership. You can trust I'll share my journey along the way. 

Tossing confetti,


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