LIVE Training

How to Double Your Referrals using

Your Existing Network

What if you already had the network you needed to hit the goals you have? You do. This powerhouse training is for the woman ready to use the resources and network she already has. 

What if referrals came to your business systematically, like clockwork? If you're looking for the catalyst to growth - this is it

When you enroll in the Live Referral Growth Training, you're going to get:

  • A Turn-Key System to Generate Referrals, so you don't have to worry where the next lead is coming from

  • Highly Successful Referral Language, equipping you with what to say and still sound like yourself

  • Eliminated Anxiety or Stress Around Referrals, that way you've got the confidence to follow through 

  • Metrics to Know Whether Your Referral Strategy is Working, taking out the guess work

  • A Takeaway Playbook, that way you don't miss a single thing

This LIVE 60 minute training and referral game playbook are the catalyst you've been looking for.


Training Details:

Date: Tuesday, April 27th

1 pm EST/ 12 pm CST/ 11 am MST / 10 am PST

Location: Alicia's Zoom Room

Cost: $60 Standard Ticket 

          $100 VIP Ticket

             *includes 1 private follow-up accountability and strategy coaching session to maximize the training

LIVE Referral Training

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