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3 Perks of Having a Business Coach

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

When you invest back into yourself and your business through a coach, you create the space to grow and scale. You invite in another perspective. Instead of simply working in your business each day, you are committing to pause and spend some time working on it. When you do this (and really show up ready to go for it), you can expect these 3 perks of your partnership with a business coach:

1) A Personal Advocate

While it would be fun for me to jump into a client’s business and start encouraging a plan and structure that reflects the way I think it should be done, that’s not my role. If I did that, the results would be in my favor (not to mention, you’re the qualified one for your role). The results would align with my vision. The truth? A coach knows and keeps your dreams, visions and ideas of success at the forefront. When plans are being made, a coach steps in and presses to be sure that the plan will drive the results you want. I like to think of a coach as someone who is a steady, constant force for you in the life of your business. A coach becomes your personal advocate . . . and sometimes that means standing up to your harshest critic – you.

2) A Creative Lens

When the ingenuity seems stuck and the ideas seem exhausted, a coach comes in with the questions and creativity to think outside the box. There are many reasons plans don’t work out and we often find that the meaning a person assigns to the lack of results is the one that benefits them the least. For example, an ad may not have converted to a sale simply because of the time of day it was published and have nothing to do with the content or business model being a failure. Coaches are here for new perspectives. Like a coach on the sidelines of your favorite college football team (Go Gamecocks!), we see multiple different adjustments to make, plays to call and people to utilize simply because of our placement on the field. We aren’t in the thick of it with a helmet on trying to find clarity through the offensive line. Lean into the creative lens of your coach and be ready for some questions that will help cultivate that same creativity inside yourself.

3) Continuous Feedback Loop

Feedback is one of the most underutilized tools in business development. A coach is on the lookout for results, but more powerful than that . . . they’re looking out for what the results may be telling you. Feedback from clients, campaigns, strategies, mentors, branding and research can and should be used in your growth. Inviting feedback into your business and life requires a heart of humility and a work in progress mindset. It’s a space you want that personal advocate and creative lens. A coach helps you seek out feedback and leverage it for growth – creating a continuous feedback loop.

So, there you have it. 3 perks to having a business coach. I encourage you to partner up and go all in on your dreams. If you’re ready to start the conversation around coaching, a good first step is to dive into your thinking. Click here for direct access to take the MindScan Assessment and get your (free) report in your inbox. If you want to give your feedback on coaching and what your perception of what coaches do, click here to take my survey (much appreciation!). If you want to work with me directly, simply email and let’s book a time together.

Going All In,

Coach Alicia Byers

DISCLAIMER: Okay, okay. I realize the title of this may be slightly misleading. I can’t definitively speak for all business coaches, BUT I can speak for the network of coaches that I am in community with. We share, grow and develop from one another. Going forward, when I reference coaches…. I’ll be referencing the ones in my network. (self-awareness is a great place to start your journey. find your biggest strengths in 10 minutes, click here)

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