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3 Questions Your Mission Statement Should Answer

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Mission-driven companies train and develop mission-driven team members. Mission-drive team members are 54% more likely to stay at the company more than 5 years. They are 30% more likely to convert into the company's top performers. Mission statements that are effectively written, used and implemented can provide the foundation for increased growth, sales, brand recognition and employee engagement.

Mission statements should answer these 3 questions:

1) What is your target market?

2) What solution are you providing?

3) What differentiates you?

It's not enough to simply state what you are trying to accomplish (i.e. your solution). Through your mission statement, your consumers should know they are the target market and who you wake up every day to serve. Through your mission statement, they should know exactly how you're delivering the solution to them and what makes you the best option. (p.s. if you need help finding your biggest strengths and what sets you apart, try this assessment)

Your employees and team members should know the mission so clearly that every client engagement exudes the company mission in both communication and delivery of service.

If your company culture seems dissonant and low-energy, start with an engaging staff meeting that is focused on the mission of the organization. Cultivate excitement and energy around the mission. Have honest communication around how you are portraying the mission in the services or goods you provide. Most importantly, ask for feedback! Be open to listening, understanding and taking next steps.

Mission statements are powerful. Take time today to look at your mission statement. Does it identify your target market, show a clear solution and differentiate you?


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