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3 Reasons Why People Aren't Buying What You're Selling

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

If you google how many books on sales there are, you're going to get approximately 300 million pages of articles, lists and blogs outlining the top 1 to 100 books to cure your sales woes. The market is saturated with tips, tricks, books, blogs, podcasts and opinions on what you can do to sell more. Simply put, it's never about not having enough resources. It's always about being resourceful. Here's the deal: there is always more to learn. Take. Small. Bites.

That's right, keep learning and soaking things in . . . . but you can only chew and digest so much. That's exactly why I put together this PDF Guide of the 3 Reasons Why People Aren't Buying What You're Selling . Sure, there are probably 1,000 reasons why someone has walked away from purchasing what you're offering (and it's likely not because of the font you chose on your website!). If you can address the top 3 common reasons or objections to purchasing for your market, you're going to slay the sales game.

NOTE: *If you haven't scored your service or product on the adoption scale, click here to get your scoresheet and instructions. This is a great place to add some strategy to your sales game and learn something new.

Because I can't not talk about feedback . . . if you're struggling to sell, get feedback. Offer something to your market in exchange for their thoughts. Maybe it's a freebie like this guide or a small token of appreciation. Ask the hard questions. Consider an anonymous way for them to reply and keep it simple. Throw out 1-4 questions around your product or services and be bold. If you're struggling to sell, ask them what it was that kept them from purchasing.

With a 'work in progress' mindset, failure is just another step in the journey and frustration is just an opportunity to learn something new.

Make it happen,

Coach Alicia

(self-awareness is a great place to start. find your biggest strengths in 10 minutes, click here)

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