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3 Way to Do Your Job Better

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Stop here if you're looking for another 'hustle harder' mantra. That used to be me. Always wanting to fight more aggressively for my goals. Longer hours, more emotional investments and increased time commitments. I've found a better way and I'm excited to share it with you.

First things first, why do your job better?

When we do our jobs better we can create space for more fun, be more intentional about our time and focus on the things that give us what we want. Key word is can. When we do our jobs better we could also make more time to add in extra working hours and focus on the things we didn't do right. When you do your job better, it's just a potential opportunity to give back to your life. Don't waste the opportunities that doing your job better can create. The opportunities that serve you well.

PAUSE. Take a moment right now....yes, right now....and jot down what you could do with the benefits of doing your job better. Maybe doing your job better could lead to being able to work on a special project you've had on your list for a while - the project you'd deeply enjoy. Or maybe doing your job better could lead to more time with your kids at home or extra time doing something just for you! To be super simple, doing your job better could easily have improved and that's the win! I'm not sure what it is that you're hoping to get from doing a better job, but get specific about whatever it is. will you know you've hit the mark?!

Alright - here's the 3 ways to do your job better. After all, that's why you're here.

1) Protect Your Time

When we manage our calendars intentionally, we control how much we work. We control how much free time we have and how much time we spend with family and friends. When we have a strong work/life balance that is catered to our needs (which is exactly what happens when you protect your time!), we show up to our jobs naturally refreshed. We show up knowing that there's an end to the work flow. When you aren't managing and protecting your time, it's a continuous cycle of 'on'. Resting and relaxing may feel unwarranted or undeserved, there's simply too much stuff left to do. This. Leads. To. Burnout. For many, protecting our time looks like time blocking. There's not enough time to look at that right here, but check out this recent piece I did on time blocking. When you protect your time, your protect your growth from being stifled.

2) Invest in Yourself

I'm not just talking about a 'treat yo-self mentality' of getting that Starbucks or a pedicure for some self-care. I'm talking about doing the hard, rewarding stuff. This is 100% tied to protecting your time...if you're not protecting your time, then you haven't made time for self, personal or business development. When you've created space for self investment you can take the course, read the books (My personal favs are: Contagious by Jonah Berger & Finish by Jon Acuff), partner with like-minded people, see the counselor and execute the dream just because you want to. When you invest in yourself, you do your job better because you are constantly growing, learning and adapting. When we commit to learn and grow, we are walking out a belief we don't know everything (humility!) and become teachable. When we invest in ourselves, we show up with a deeper desire to learn and lead. A simple, free way to invest in yourself is to know it better - try this. We become full and the natural response of our fullness leads us to spill over onto others. What. A. Treat.

3) Celebrate Along The Way

It feels weird to formally pause and celebrate, but boy oh boy do we need to! When we identify, experience and celebrate the fruit of our labor we do our jobs better. When we celebrate, we associate enjoyment with a job well done. Celebrating along the way can cultivate an internal reward system. This is how we can arrive at celebrating things that may have externally failed. You read that correctly. We still celebrate the misfires. The reward is in the progress and the growth. Failure teaches us things. We celebrate the lessons learned and the opportunities presented. We pause to celebrate and, in turn, do our jobs better as we keep showing up. When we only celebrate the HUGE accomplishments or the perfectly executed things, we run ragged. If we only celebrate the top 10% of the things we do....we miss the great stuff that the remaining 90% of our experiences have to teach us. Celebrate BIG. Celebrate OFTEN.

I dare you to protect your time, invest in yourself and truly celebrate along the way. I am 100% certain, without a shadow of a doubt, you will do your job better. You'll enjoy it more. You'll impact others, who will then follow your lead and soon your entire circle is thriving. Don't underestimate the power of one. Be the one.

Protecting, Investing & Celebrating,

Coach Alicia

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