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5 Indicators that You're Ready to Time Block

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Time blocking doesn't have to be stressful, overwhelming or only satisfying to the Type A person (of which I am not!). In fact, time blocking is the most freeing, effective strategy for those looking to pursue their goals and see results. We can quickly go from 'I've got it all under control' to frantic, flying in a frenzy snapping at anyone in our way . . . or maybe that's just me. Yikes. Truthfully, if you're wondering if time blocking is well, worth your time then read on. I've outlined 5 indicators that you're ready to time block. (BE SURE TO READ TO THE BOTTOM BECAUSE THERE'S A FREE TOOL TO HELP!)

1) If you're feeling like you can't catch up or can't take a day off (without penalty or falling even more behind). This can be a really strong indicator that it's time to take a step back and strategize. Carving out a few hours to align your time is worth it. This will allow you to structure your list in a way that makes sense and allows for your to be free from it!

2) Maybe you oblige to a day off, but you're definitely not mentally resting! If you struggle to silence your phone, ignore your inbox for the weekend or simply power off your brain at night - this is your flashing's time. When you learn to master your time, you can take a big step towards quieting the noise in your noggin.

3) Disjointed days are big indicators that your backend system and calendar needs some adjusting. If you easily fly between things on your list (leaving things half done, no less!) and have a strong sense of disjointedness . . . I bet you're not the only one who is impacted by your 'style'. Ouch. This one, in particular, affects those around us. Get your time block on.

4) Honestly, enough said.

5) If you didn't know, your work schedule affects your people. When I say 'work' I mean your day job, your side hustle and your house work. When people who are close to us start calling out that workaholic side to us - it's time for us to listen and not dismiss. Did you catch that? When those we care about, love and trust speak out against our inability to be present in fun or rest we should listen, not dismiss.

If these resonate, but you're struggling with what to do next...I've got two options for ya. Personally, I think you should jump in.

1) Grab an hour with me & your calendar. Let's tackle it together. I'll step in with a strategic lens to help you make the right schedule for yourself. Your time is invaluable and I'm going to go ahead and promise that I'll recover some of it during our time together. All you need to do is Click Here for all the details on our session together.

Seriously Cheering You On,

Coach Alicia

PSA: you have killer strengths, here's how to find them.

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