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5 Technology Resets You Can Do In 10 Minutes

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

These 5 technology resets can be done in 10 minutes and they'll guarantee less 'noise' coming from your device. I'm not talking about physical noise, but mental and visual noise. The kind of 'loud' that impacts our thinking...which impacts our actions...which impacts our growth. Technology over stimulation can happen quickly! When we intentionally do a few resets once or twice a quarter, we can experience an increase in boundaries between us and our devices. When we have healthy boundaries with our devices, we see our actions and opportunities more clearly. We are able to think and process what we should be doing to get us to where we want to go. It may seem like a huge stretch to say a 'noisy tech scene' can keep us from our goals...but take a look at your screen time usage (iPhone users: settings > screen time > boom). Now, tell me your device isn't getting in the way of your goals. Awareness first, now for some action.

Let's do it:

  1. Open up your social media accounts. Unfollow or unfriend at least five accounts that you don't interact with. If you scroll and keep scrolling by someones posts or photos because it doesn't serve you well - it's a sign! Detach and unfollow. Clean up your homepage and feed. I promise you will not regret this one. Don't feel bad, you're not for everyone either ;).

2. If you're the person with a couple thousand unread emails, multiple this number by 20. Start small, though! If you're getting spam emails...scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe. Most of us sign up for subscriptions to get a discount or a free item - totally cool. Don't feel like you have to stay around just to waste time a few times a week deleting the promotional emails. Those minutes add up. ATTN: on average, people spend 3 minutes/day deleting spam emails. That's over 1,000 minutes/year.

3. Nothing will cause a change in action quite like a good awareness exercise. Take a look at your phone screen time usage. Are you comfortable with this number? What would you do if you were on the phone 50% less time than you are right now? Set yourself a usage goal and turn on the screen time usage updates - they'll send you weekly reports (not spam!) on how you're doing. Set limits on your device and certain apps. Protect your time!

4. This one makes me super happy. Clean up your phone (or desktop) home page! Organize the folders. Set a timer for 10 minutes and organize as much as you can. This should take you halfway, if not all the way there. PS. TAKE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA APPS AND GET THEM OFF YOUR HOME PAGE. You'll spend less time on those apps when you have to go find the app in a folder and open it. You'll think twice, I promise!

5. Practice quiet space and time. It's not infrequent for us to put one device down in order to look at another. In my day, I switch from my phone, to my laptop, to my TV and round it goes. Taking 2-10 minute technology breaks throughout the day has revolutionized my technology overstimulation. When we take time away from technology, we remind ourselves we don't need it to survive. It's crazy how dependent we are on our devices. Practice a still heart and mind and watch how much less you pick up your technology.

Which are you starting with today? Take one and apply it today - practice creating healthy technology boundaries. Staying connected 24/7 is keeping us all overstimulated and craving more and more technology. Start breaking the habits that are robbing you of your time and your growth. If you're interested in more info on detaching from your phone...Here's 6 Times to Put The Phone Down.

Throwing confetti and dancing for your newfound free time,

Coach Alicia

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