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5 Ways to Improve Your Communication in Virtual Meetings

In the virtual world, MEETINGS CAN BE RELENTLESS. For real.

So many virtual meetings, so many minutes dedicated to screens. It can be challenging to sustain clear, effective communication in a virtual world. Whether you're leading the meeting or simply participating, it can be hard to maintain both energy and attention.

Perhaps you feel drained by the excess meetings in your week and these stats won't surprise you...

Here's the deal: you can use these 5 strategies to improve your communication in virtual meetings and have a little less dread on your calendar.

Spend some time this week using these strategies and track any changes you notice. How do you feel during the meeting? How do the other participants respond? Get clear about what you want to see your meetings look like and what you feel is in opposition of that.

Now, here's 5 strategies to improving communication in virtual meetings!

* I hope you scrolled through and found a few WINNERS.

My favorite strategy is CONDENSE THE CONTENT. Sheesh - we can drag things on...foreva and eva. Get to the point, sister. I'm not saying being long-winded is bad. I'm really not. Buttttttt, in a virtual meeting - prepare to lose energy, attention and retention in exchange for your word vomit. Just saying. *also, this is coming from a recovering chatterbox.

This is a great short form blog to share with your team - see what strategies they think would be effective for the next meeting. Try it out. Utilize these strategies to increase productivity, decrease multi-tasking and improve material retention.

You'll also likely find yourself in a shorter meeting that leaves you energy FULL versus energy drained. Meetings are often necessary for alignment, strategy and focus - but that doesn't mean they have to maintain their same ole'.

Focus on spicing up your meetings, improving your communication and enjoying them more! If you've got meetings galore and you feel on call all the time, let's take a look at why you may be experiencing that. Here's what's keeping you on call all the time. Let's pair an ideal schedule with effective communication and see what happens!

Tossing confetti over your next virtual meeting ,

Coach Alicia Byers

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