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50 Gifts That WOW - Showing MEGA Client Appreciation

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Client and customer appreciation gifts are pretty nice, right? What if you were able to cultivate a WOW Experience for each person you interacted with? What if it was built on a system, not just intuition? What if it honored their place in your world and your budget? Before we dive in, imagine this for a moment:

You're an airplane steward/stewardess. You show up to your shift and as you get on the plane to begin serving customers you realize something is off. Everyone is crammed into First Class. That's right. There is no order and no structure to how everyone is seated. Regardless of their ticket, they are smooshed in those comfy, spacious seats expecting pre-flight drinks!

Seeing as how you're only one person, you begin to panic - not making any sense of who should actually be in First Class versus coach. Where do you begin? You start by servicing the most noisy of the patrons - the ones who are causing a scene. Taking care of them first, you then have a bit more capacity to tend to everyone else. You're overworked, exhausted and frustrated when you realize that there's still the rest of the plane to be filled by more patrons. You quickly shut the cabin door and forbid anyone else from getting on.

Full stop.

Your business is like the airplane and you are the steward. When there's a lack of system it's easy to implode under the demands. You may find yourself serving the noisy folks first, which are likely your least ideal clients. Leading you to service your most ideal clients last or perhaps not at all. Creating a process doesn't make your business robotic or genuine - what it does is allows you stay authentic and service people in their order. This is for their benefit and your growth.

Before you jump into this gift guide, I want to invite you to a FREE Five Day Challenge to help you align your systems and processes to gift in the best way - join the challenge below if you want to cultivate the ultimate client appreciation experience.

With your systems, budget and client lists in place you're ready to deliver the WOW. This 50 Gifts that WOW guide will help spark creativity in your gift-giving. I hope this guide brings new life to your gift-giving and reminds you that not all gifts have to be expensive. The more personally meaningful your gifts are the more they WOW. The manner in which you give means so much more than what you give. So, cheers to the most magical gift giving experience you'll ever create!

Gifting can be so much fun and shouldn't ever be stressful.

Excited to see what you cultivate using this list as your guide!

Tossing confetti for all the work you're doing,


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