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6 Signs You're Burning Out

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Burnout never comes out of nowhere, there's always a ramp up. A slow fade. Which means there are signs and symptoms before you reach official burnout stage. Often times we totally miss the cues that it's coming until it's too late. What if you were so keenly aware of what burnout looked like and felt like, you knew the moment you were headed there and could stop it? How would you feel if you knew that you'd never experience burnout again? SO FREEING, am I right?!?

The first step is always awareness. Start with understanding what burnout is, feels like, looks like and then make a plan. This is custom and just for you. Burnout for you will not look like what it looks like for me. Rather, it won't come out in your life like it comes out in mine. You'll share some or all of these 6 signs, but they'll display in their own unique way just for you (how generous, smhh). There's never a good season or reason to allow yourself to burnout.

Let's take a look at the 6 signs you're burning out . . . .

Did you tally it up? How many of the signs are you seeing right now in your life? If you're struggling to identify, that's totally okay. This is where you lean into your people and ask them to help you. Not before you're ready though - feedback is unique and sacred space in your life (for the basics of feedback, click here) . Self assess, get feedback from others and write out some of the ways you see, feel and experience burnout in your life. Get comfortable with how it looks for you! If you don't lean in here, it's unlikely you'll avoid burnout. You simply won't see the signs it's coming.

What if you're already burnt out? What do you do now? Here's 7 ways to overcome burnout and I promise they're practical and effective. And if you know how you manage everything on your plate is a huge part of why you're burning out (or if you have wayyyy too much on your plate), check out this powerful free tool and training that will help you navigate how to write a better to-do list and give you a game changing new perspective.

Burnout doesn't have to last forever and it's not the race you were destined to run.

Claim that and don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Confetti is being thrown,

Coach Alicia

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