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7 Ways to Overcome Burnout

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Burnout doesn't have to last forever and it's not a part of the race you were destined to run. Whether you're in the midst of a burnout season or adamant you won't burnout this year - I'm glad you're here. If you have no clue where you're at, start here and see if you've got any of these 6 signs of burnout. Here's where we get simple and actionable, 7 ways you can take a step towards overcoming burnout:

  1. Start a gratitude list. Sounds simple, but when you're in the throws of exhaustion this may be a challenge. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen, don't go for the notes section of your phone. I'm confident your phone is a part of why you're burning out - so put it down for this exercise. Start with 3 things you're grateful for each morning. Put that sheet of paper and pen in your actual way of getting ready so you are reminded to do it. Don't intend to do this one, rather really do it.

2. Take time away from social media, junk food, tv and toxic people. How? What if your business is social media run? Big exhale, this is the time when you have the opportunity to learn you cannot be on call for everyone all the time. Structuring time away means you've communicated with your people when you're taking time away and when you'll be back. Give yourself permission to take a break. Explore your business boundaries and create consistent time and space away from these triggers to burnout.

3. Schedule breaks during the day. Maybe you love your working lunches, but boy do they love burnout. Working without a break is hugely affecting your likelihood of burning out. Schedule breaks and take them. Speak your breaks into existence. Remind a coworker, spouse or friend that you'll be MIA for 30 minutes at noon and taking a walk. Or use the do not disturb function of your phone to take a silent lunch (boy, I love silent lunches as an adult!).

4. Get outside. Depending on where you live this may not sound super fun certain times of the year, but no big deal. Bring the outside, inside. Open the blinds or invest in a special white light that mimics the sun and stimulates all those happy vibes. Diffuse a woodsy scent while you do some yoga - whatever it looks like, make it happen. Physically our bodies need time away from screens and noise. Protect yourself from constant stimulation and you'll be 1 step closer to overcoming burnout (or avoiding it altogether).

5. Define your boundaries. How much will you work? How many days a week? How many weeks in the year? How late will you work on housework or chores? How many nights will you avoid checking your email? Start with answering those questions + finding someone to share them with. Get accountable to your boundaries. If you don't commit to holding your boundaries (aka your commitments) - the rest of this list won't work for you. I know that seems harsh, but it's true. Don't be a doormat to your business and house.

6. Add some fun back in! If you're burning out around certain tasks or activities - cue the fun. What can you pair with this task to make it more enjoyable for you? Is it a playlist, a special diffuser blend, a hot cup of coffee or special time of the day you work the best? It doesn't have to be monumental to be impactful. Start embracing things you enjoy alongside things that challenge you. I promise you'll see a difference.

7. Write your goals out. Remember where you were headed when you first began and they direction you're going now. Remind yourself why you started. When you've got these written out, take an honest assessment if everything on your plate today reflects those goals coming to life. Sometimes we stray. We get off track. We end up doing things that are, in fact, not related to our end goals. Get excited about your goals again and make sure you keep them out as visible reminders of why you do what you do.

With that, you've got 7 actionable opportunities to overcome burnout or avoid it. With all great things, don't try to do them all at once. Throw in all your energy at one of these seven. See what magic happens when you strategically take steps in the direction of relaxation, boundaries and balance. The burnout life isn't for you - I know it and so do you. If you're feeling like you could use additional support for all that's on your plate - check out this free training and guide to help you manage what you've got going on.

Tossing confetti,

Coach Alicia

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