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  • Coach Alicia Byers

A Challenge for The Entrepreneur

The more you know, the more you know.

Knowing more does not mean growth.

Knowing more does not mean business growth.

Knowing more does not mean more results.

Knowing more does not mean healthier relationships.

My challenge for you today is to implement something you already know - and aren’t doing!

If you’ve listened to the last couple of episodes on The Well-Rested Entrepreneur Podcast, chances are you learned a thing or two.

Like how to handle your time better, or

Better questions to ask on a sales call, or

Creative ways to grow your network…

But are you implementing that new information?

Because if you just absorb information and don’t do anything about it, nothing will change.

However, when you pair knowledge with action…now that yields new results.

Similar to body-building or exercise, practicing, getting “the reps” in, doing the behavior over and over, over time…is what makes the difference.

You know enough!

But if you’re struggling with where to start, go backward. Go back to when you first began your entrepreneurial journey. What were you doing then? Review those principles. Think about them, and then take action on them.

And for accountability’s sake, email me what they are, and what you’ll be doing this week.

Listen to the entire episode here, but don’t stop there: take action!

(And if you need to build in time for rest, don’t hesitate to do that, too, ‘cause we know “good rest fuels great work!”)

If we haven’t met already, find me on Instagram @coachaliciabyers

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