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Achieving Effortless Through Effort

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I've got my laptop outside as I both work and watch my kids play (hence the photo or it didn't happen). They're giggling and tiring themselves out while I'm working on putting some business ideas into motion. Wow - this work from home mom gig finally feels effortless. LOL. Today. Today it's running smooth. I'm sure this feeling will dissipate and reappear often, but I'm fully soaking up the simplicity of today. My effort is driving results. I've been in a weird place over this last year trying to figure out how to balance all my desires into something that's sustainable long term. The reality is, I was hoping that everything would just fall into place effortlessly. In my mind, if this is what I'm supposed to be doing - things should naturally work out.

That is a lie.

To get to effortless, much effort is required. When you know where you want to go and the life and business you want to have, it's up to you to establish the pathway to get there. Running full speed ahead and throwing all you have at your dream may feel great - but it's not sustainable and a lot of things are lost in the chaos. I've caught myself in this cycle all too often. The goal is achieved and I'm already knee deep in the next project. It's tumultuous with no end in sight. Break. That. Pattern. Wouldn't it be great to establish a routine, plan and/or system that's reliable? One that includes all of the things you want and need? One that takes you out of the reactive state. Your business shouldn't be a juggling act.

Time block, list your values, write out your dreams, get feedback from those close to you, look at your schedule...apply the right kind of effort and drive effortless. When your life and business are set up in such a way that you welcome each day, knowing you've made space for what you love, want and hope for - - IT IS SO GOOD.

I'm at a place now that I can trust my schedule and routine to provide and shepherd both the life and motherhood that I deeply want. I'm no longer subject to surviving each day and never feeling like what I did was enough. I've created both time and space to invest in my marriage, love on my children, grow my business and enjoy the milestones of them all. I'm not here to say that I've mastered this, but I feel I've found a key to the door that's been blocking me for some time. I've experienced, in short glimpses, the beauty of holding onto the right kind of effort - the effort that drives effortless.

Let's get to work,

Coach Alicia

(self-awareness is a great place to start. find your biggest strengths in 10 minutes, click here)

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