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Goal Setting Hacks

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Here's 3 goal setting hacks to help you decrease frustration and increase results as you set those goals for the New Year! If you're finding you need here.

FUN FUNNEL: party time, party people. Be sure your goals pass through the fun funnel. Do they get you excited? Do they pump you up? Do they give you the best chance at the results you want for the whole year? If your goals don't excite you when you see them on paper - you're probably not going to be motivated to work towards them. If you want it done, make it fun.

SMART GOAL: confirm your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Sensitive. For example, a SMART health goal would be limit eating out to twice per week for January. That takes into account your busy schedule, gets specific, is totally realistic and achievable and you've got a time on it. Instead of just saying 'be healthier', dial that in. What does it look and feel like? How will you know when you've arrived at that goal?

COMMIT TO SHARE: not just once, but continuously. Find a friend to swap your goals with and go ahead and lock in a date on the calendar to follow up with one another. Date and time for follow up increases the odds you'll stick to your goals!

There's an infinite amount of goal setting guides and tips out there - keep it simple. Start small and be intentional with these 3 strategies to lock in the best opportunity at reaching your goals for the New Year. After all, knowledge is potential power. Knowing more things does not guarantee that you'll implement, grow and excel. What you choose to do with knowledge makes all the difference. How will these 3 strategies shape what you choose to do?

Video recap, just for you!

Practicing Presence,

Coach Alicia

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