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  • Coach Alicia Byers

How to Assess Your Sales Strategy

(And get more clients and customers)

This may be a bit unusual, but....

I want you to STOP doing what you’re doing, and transform your sales strategy by plugging into a gold mine that you already have. Let me explain.

Typical sales approaches reflect our hustle culture: spend a ton on ads and marketing promotions, sit on social media all know the score, right?

But the best way to bring in more clients and customers is to assess the ones you already have!

Here’s how it works

Write out your top clients - whether it’s one or 25, in a list. Next to their names, in column 2, make a note about how you acquired them. Add a third column (not connected with the first two columns) containing all the different areas you’re working on right now to get clients: social media, email marketing, FB or IG ads, or whatever. Take a look at that column and begin to cross out any strategies that you don’t see in column 2. Finally, spend some time looking at your already-successful sources in column 2. Once you’ve determined what those are - and in this situation, we’ll say it’s referrals from current or past customers - run with it! Dig into that approach until your schedule is full or your bottom line is healthy and then experiment with other marketing aspects. But only if you want to!

(Listen to a quick podcast episode with full explanation here)

And the sweet spot to this strategy is...

This activity will allow you to streamline the activities you do so that you are focusing on what works. It will allow you to cut out activities that are not serving you or your business. It will also keep you from getting involved in risky approaches (like, why spend hours on social media if you haven't gotten ONE client from your time there?). The result is that you’ll be concentrating your successful efforts rather than diluting your energy. And, even better, it will enable you to take a few extra minutes of rest this week by cutting out useless work. Spend it with your family or friends, or however you choose!

Pro-tip: Need referrals? Everyone has to start somewhere. Tell colleagues or friends and family what you do and ask them to try out or review a product. Offer a free strategy session so they can see firsthand how your service can help them. Ask them to share their feedback in writing and always make sure you get their consent to use it. Be creative!

If any of this doesn’t make sense, please reach out to me via email or text (803-389-7364 or I am totally here for that.

And if you found this post or podcast episode - or any of the other ones - helpful, let me encourage you to contact me so we can talk about working together! Yes, these strategies work. But when we customize them to your business...that’s when the magic happens!

Until next time, remember - good rest fuels great work...

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