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How to Keep People in Your Sales Funnel

Have you ever had an initial meeting with a potential client or customer and you thought “Oh wow! I can really help this person! They could totally benefit from my product or service!”? The conversation went really well. The synergy was there and you just knew they would go ahead and book a space on your calendar or make that purchase…

Except they didn’t.

Well, get here’s a little bit of tough love, because I just have to….

2 reasons why people may not be taking the next step with you

#1 - You overwhelmed them

In your attempts at showing someone that you know your stuff, that you have a lot of experience and wisdom to share, that you can help them move forward in big ways…you may have overwhelmed them.

And when that happens, they don’t take the next step.

We’ve totally freaked them out and created an environment that doesn’t welcome them. We’ve over-delivered information. (Yup, I’ve done it, too!)

Pro-tip: match the energy of the person we’re talking to. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

As the expert they’re coming to for help, you have the clarity that they don’t have. You see the scope of their issue, and how your product or service can help. But that clarity has taken time and experience to achieve, right? We can’t show them everything in one call. We need to filter down and give them just a few options; one or two next steps.

But there’s another reason they may not take the next step to work with you.

#2 - They don’t know what’s going to happen to them

This often happens on the front end. It can happen even if the initial conversation went well. But put yourself in their shoes. The lack of the unknown, coupled with a lack of trust in you (after all, they don’t really know you yet) means there’s too much fear to take that next step.

Pro-tip: Be honest. Put your cards on the table. Let them know what’s going to happen. Building trust starts here.

This isn’t a sales call. And let them know it! (Inside this episode, I offer a few ways to word this.)

How to troubleshoot both of these issues:

Ask the people you do talk to - current and past clients - what led them to get on a call with you. Questions like:

“What made you reach out to me?”

“What led you to arrange this meeting with me?”

Then…pause and listen!

This will keep you from telling them what YOU think they need, and discover what THEY need or want from you.

These questions will simplify your sales process, prevent you from over-delivering, and keep them from feeling overwhelmed.

Now, before you go, I want to invite you to book a strategy session with me! You can actually walk through the process I’m describing here. I’d love to hear about your business: what struggles you’re facing and what goals you have. And if you’re open to it, at the end of the call I’ll be happy to suggest some next steps you can take. If that interests you, go ahead and reach out today!

Quick PSA: And let me remind you that what you’re doing is important. You are enough and what you’re doing is enough. Your value and worth go beyond your metrics. Metrics are just a piece of your business - they are not who you are.

So stop overwhelming your clients…lay your cards on the table…and find something fun and restful to do to fill you up, because, as we all know: good rest fuels great work!

Listen to the entire episode:


If we haven’t met already on Instagram, please reach out @coachaliciabyers

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