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How to Make Time for Rest

Imagine if you will, a beautiful centerpiece with glass balls as the main focal point. You may consider adding some filler - a bit of greenery or flowers, or around the holidays, some garland or twinkly lights. The basic beauty of it, however, rests around the simplicity of those few glass orbs.

As entrepreneurs, those glass balls are also what the beauty and strength of our business stem from. We may at times feel that #allthethings are important, but in actuality, it’s usually 3-5 unique, wonderful aspects that are at the hub. Now, you might be asking, exactly HOW can you compare the important aspects of my business to a glass ornament?

So glad you asked :-)

If you drop a glass ornament, it will most likely shatter. If you don’t attend to the most important activities in your business, it can hinder - or worse - your business success.

If they break, they can hurt us, and those around us. When we neglect the glass ball of rest and relationship, it doesn’t only affect us, but the people we live and interact with on a daily basis.

If they break, they make a mess. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has witnessed how mismanaging priorities leaves a mess that takes even more time and energy to clean up, right?!

Identifying the 3-5 important aspects of your business will help you see everything else more clearly. It will help you put everything else in a proper perspective. It will help you be more productive and assess what you did accomplish each day with new eyes and a healthier attitude.

It will give you freedom in your business that will carry over into your life!

Assessing the “glass balls” in your business

Take some time to decide what the 3-5 most important aspects are in your business. Ask yourself these questions:

How are you protecting them? (Or are you?)

Do you find yourself dropping them?

Think about what happens when they drop - who or what gets hurt?

And here is where you add rest to the centerpiece!

If rest isn’t one of your priorities, and you’re not satisfied with the way things are going in your business and/or your personal life (which, as an entrepreneur, are often intertwined) - then rest needs to be one of your priorities - one of the crucial glass balls you need to protect!

Cultivate rest when you make time for it!

But don’t stop there…

There are other round objects to look for in your business...distractions that we need to be equally aware of! Take moment to listen to the episode and see which ones you may have in your life...

If you want to be a well-rested entrepreneur, it’s going to start with how you prioritize things. Keep the “glass balls” sacred, and include rest as one of them!

And if you’re having trouble with this, connect with me on Instagram @coachaliciabyers, and let’s talk.

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