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How to Start Your Sales Meeting

Why do you think more people aren’t buying from you?

Is it:

  • They don’t understand what I do, or

  • They don’t understand why they need what I do or sell, or

  • I’m too expensive, or

  • They don’t know that they need my product or service…

(The following post came from a recent free strategy call I had with a client. I love these! And, shameless plug, if you’ve never booked one of these calls, let me invite you to do so today!)

We were talking about how she could increase the number of clients she helps, and she said she thought that people just didn't understand her business model. So I challenged her with:

If you feel people don’t understand what you do, deal with that upfront.

Ask a question such as:

  • What do you think my job is? OR

  • What do you think my products or services help people do? OR

  • Who do you think my products are for? OR

  • How do you think I help people?

Their answer, whether it’s something you DO or something you DON’T do, will help you craft and direct the conversation that you are about to have!

Affirming or correcting their perspective will give them clarity that either confirms that they can and want to work with you, or frees them (and you!) to realize this isn’t a good fit.

And this works with whatever your answer was to my very first question.

If you feel people don’t utilize your services because they’re too expensive

Ask them something like:

  • Do you have a budget set aside to commit to finding a solution to your business challenge? OR

  • Are you a person who wants/needs to know the price range of my kind of services? OR

  • It’ll be helpful for me if we talk about money first. Have you thought about your budget? Do you have a small/medium/large budget?

Yes, that may be an awkward conversation at first, but once you’ve cleared the air, you’ll both be able to have a productive conversation, even if you mutually decide not to work together. The vulnerability you show by asking that question builds trust with them, showing them that you respect them and their budget.

Realize that asking about their budget is a relational question, not transactional.

I know that sounds contradictory, but it reflects a desire to serve them well and educate them about the costs they may need to consider beforehand.

Your action steps

Now go back to your answer to my initial question, and commit to starting your next sales conversation with some of those questions. Laying it all on the table is smart! Your future clients will appreciate talking about it, because it may be their biggest fear. And you’re showing a sensitivity to that concern.

You can start with this question to clarify for yourself the real reason they may not buy from you. “Let’s assume we’re going to have a terrific conversation today. What would keep you from moving forward and working with me?”

And once you have that answer…just keep on keepin’ on! (Towards the end of this episode, I do a sample opening conversation you can tweak and use for yourself.)

Recommended resource: You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar by

David Sandler

Listen to the entire episode here to grab some more “sales goodies!”!

And don’t forget to reach out and book your free strategy session with me. I’m not going to sell you anything, I promise! We can look at your numbers, talk about your business plan, talk about your sales calls…or whatever you’d like! I promise it’ll be worth your time :-)

And if we haven’t met already, find me on Instagram @coachaliciabyers

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