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Why My Mom Is On My Email List

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I'm so grateful to have a wonderful, loving and comical relationship with my mom...but that's not why she's on my email list. While we do bounce business ideas off of one another and co-collaborate on quite a lot...that's not why she's on my email list either. My mom is on my email list to keep me honest. She knows the real me. Knowing she will be on the other end of the email or blog keeps me away from the fluff. I can't help but talk like myself, write like myself and share what's on my heart and mind when I know I can't hide behind the words on the screen.

I know, with C O N F I D E N C E, that the moment I push out content or concepts that aren't honest to myself or aligned with my mission I will be called out. I normally draft up 10x more content than you see. Somehow when I sit down to write I feel the need to be fluffy and formal. That's. Just. Not. Me. So I let that weird part hit the screen and then highlight, select and type right on over it. Round and round it goes. Accountability through people you know and trust is of top priority when you're building a business or lifestyle that you want. Surround your content with people who know you and where you're going.

Whether it's your mom or someone else, find someone else to lay eyes on what you're doing. Knowing they are there is incredibly helpful and it's a gift to your business. It will help guide and shape your content, as well as give you a very honest source of feedback. And hello - feedback is SO HELPFUL. I am about to burst open right now with the power of feedback...but that'll be for next week. Short and sweet for today.

Who do you keep on your content, services, schedule and creativity that helps keep you centered?

In your corner,

Coach Alicia

(if you want to take the first step, start with self-awareness. in 5 minutes, find your key strengths here)

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