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Increase Your Network Through Your Network

Did you know there are two types of networking? You can use both in your business, of course, but one of them can be surprisingly more efficient and effective.

Intentional Networking

This is the concept that most people think of when they hear the word “networking.” It is usually associated with spending money and/or time, but it can be a little risky since it’s often hard to determine the actual ROI. Some examples are:

  • Asking for a referral

  • Attending an event

  • Publishing ads

  • Working with a “referral partner”

UNintentional networking

If you can master this technique, you can focus on other important items (link to episode 2) and continue to grow your business. You can be confident that other people are out there on your behalf, making connections that can be useful to you, without you having to be the center of the wheel.

There IS a downside, however, and it’s this: consistency.

Unintentional networking happens over time; it does not happen overnight. It requires consistent service to your clients, a consistent brand, and consistent messaging. You will need to stay “top-of-mind.”

How to be top-of-mind

As Jonah Berger said, “Top-of-mind means tip-of-tongue.” Yes, friends, that’s where the magic happens!

But how do you do that?

→ Start with your top 5 clients, and focus on them. Show up regularly to serve them, encourage them, send them something, check in on them, support them, and you will stay “top-of-mind.” They will naturally talk about you as they achieve success.

Now please note: this is not meant to be a self-serving approach to your networking efforts. This does NOT work if you are using this technique in order to grow your business. This will not work if your clients or customers sense that you are using them for your benefit. This only works when you have a sincere and authentic desire to serve your clients and customers and want to truly see them succeed.

In this episode, I talk about another way to stay top-of-mind. Listen here to discover how you can show up in your client’s lives “in the wild!”

Unintentional networking has the power to grow your business and increase your sales without you doing everything. You’ll be able to find moments of rest as you continue to grow.

Because good rest fuels great work.

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