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Rest Tips for the Working Mom

Mother. Wife. Entrepreneur. Daughter. Sister. Friend. YOU!

It can be exhausting, right?

With all the hats you wear, do you ever want to enjoy life just as…you?

(And, heads up, even if you’re not earning a paycheck, if you’re at home, you ARE a working mom!)

Listen to the episode here:

Why rest is important for moms

Not to add any guilt or stress here, but the fact is that you model rest for your kids. I know this isn’t a news flash, but just as a reminder, moms model all sorts of activities and behaviors to our kids, and trust me, they are always watching!

Practice rest even when you are in a season of chaos

Here are four ways to help you find rest as a consistent practice:

  1. Practice rest when life is chaotic and things are undone - Get away from the chaos and go outside for a moment; preferable with one or two of your children.

  2. Find ways you can rest alongside your children - Rest shouldn’t (or can’t) necessarily happen only when we’re alone. Try reading together, snuggling, going outside, cleaning up your space; whatever works for you! And get your kiddos to help ;-)

  3. Vocalize when and how you’re going to rest. If you don’t tell the people around you that you are resting, they’ll most likely interrupt you.

  4. Redirect and hold your boundaries - Once you’ve vocalized what you need and have set up boundaries or the environment, stick to them. It’s a training process, es, so it might take some time, but yes, your kids/family WILL learn.

A final word

Guilt has no place in your rest time. Rest allows you to serve your loved ones and those in your business on a higher level, so there’s no need for guilt. If you can’t stop thinking about what you “should” be doing, grab a pen and paper and write it down. Rest requires practice, tho, so don’t feel bad about needing to do that at the start!

Choose ONE of these tips and decide which one you’ll practice this week - then let me know how you did!

And, of course, remember to schedule time for rest, friend! Because, as we all know by now: good rest fuels great work!

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