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  • Coach Alicia Byers

The Stress-Free Approach to Sales

I’m sure it’s not only me..but do you have apprehension when it comes to selling your stuff or promoting your service, too? I’m just not a fan of money conversations. It feels really slimy to me. Rather, it used to feel slimy to me.

But in business, one way to judge your success in sales and your company’s growth is to choose metrics to follow. It may be a dollar amount in sales, or the number of customers you brought into the company, or the number of sales meetings you arranged or attended. Ugh, for longer than I care to think about, that was me.

Talk about stress. Talk about feeling hollow. Talk about feeling that I was only chasing the bottom line.

But a few months ago, I made a mindset shift that changed everything.

The healthier metric to track

I decided to focus on service. And I decided to make sure I reached out to at least 10 people each week and deliver value. It may be a current client, or someone I saw or followed on social media and engaged with, or maybe a peer or colleague, or even a past client… Deciding to serve ten people allowed me to engage authentically while still maintaining a healthy personal life and allowing me time for rest.

Oh, please do listen to this episode. Bring along a pen and paper and jot down the nuggets you hear that can apply to your business. I promise you that this mind shift can make a difference for you, too!

What does adding value look like?

There are so many simple ways to get started! It’s not trying to force a conversation or connection. Maybe it’s just a simple direct message or social media comment. Maybe it’s checking in with a colleague you haven’t heard from in a while. Or checking in with a current client when you don’t have a meeting scheduled! It’s focusing on trying to serve and love others well.

My challenge to you today is to put together a list of 10 clients who you might be able to help this week.

Don’t stress about it. Try it out, see how it goes, assess and edit. Have fun with it and be intentional.

Then reach out and let me know how it goes! I’m excited to share your progress and growth, and eager to hear how you may be able to be better rested as an entrepreneur by incorporating this new approach.

Because, as we both know, good rest fuels great work, friend.

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