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The Data: One Client's HUGE Results from 2 Months of Coaching

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

While the benefits of business coaching are both intrinsic and extrinsic, most of my early on conversations with potential clients are around what coaching can do for sales, business growth, referrals, team development, scheduling and productivity levels (the extrinsic stuff). The cold, hard return on investment of coaching (ROI) is one of the top factors being assessed when someone considers a business coach. After all, it's your precious and hard earned money footing the bill. There's a lot of work required when you partner with a coach (which should be a big consideration as well). So who does the work to get the results? Let me be super clear that you, the client, do the work. You do the heavy lifting. You take the steps and you drive the results. After all, if I were the one doing it...I'd be the only one growing and developing! It's a coach/player relationship. I'm outside the field on the sidelines or hovering over the field seeing the aerial view. You're the one with the grass stains and mouth guard. It's a beautiful alliance.

I'd like to walk you through my relationship with a new client and show you behind the curtain - her specific results. She's a small business owner who took a hiatus from her business. She closed her doors and got a desk job. She came to me after she was ready to come back, reinvent her business model and grow her ideal clientele. She came ready to play the game differently and with a fresh start - burning out was not an option this time around. She had baseline numbers she needed to hit and goals she was after. So, together, we looked at her business as a living breathing being needing an evolving, sustainable plan.

We crafted her vision, mission and values. She committed to and visualized her ideal client. We identified her long term goals and walked them back to day-to-day actions. We focused on what makes her business unique (her!) and what her zone of brilliance is. We made note of the things necessary to her growth (and goals) and the things that were passion projects within her business. We plugged her into an online tracking system and started measuring her hard work. No action wasted and nothing done that wasn't intentional. We worked on time blocking and leaving projects left undone - boundaries. We focused on the things she could control and let those drive results. They did. In 60 days, here we are:

She shows up for our time together totally conscious of what her goals are and the right actions to take. Within the first 60 seconds we are able to see how focused she's been on her goals. With our specific tracking, there's no need to do huge recaps and guess why things are the way they are. We've taken the guesswork out of growth. There is no mystery in how she's achieved her results. We can track these results back to 5 actions, we know exactly how she's gotten here. See how streamlined it can be? Nothing murky or unclear.

So, from here you've got two paths. The first - you're not sure it's the right time to invest back in yourself and your business. It feels too risky or it may stretch you further than you're willing to go. I'd ask you to write out when you'll know that you are ready. Commit to just that. If you want to take it one step further, grab your MindScan Assessment Results here (free!). Start with knowing how you think and what your strengths are (and learn how to maximize them). The second path is this - you're ready to learn more. You've been ready and just waiting for the right opportunity. Cue the right opportunity music. Take that first step today and let's set up a time for introductions. Here's exactly what happens on the first call: I learn about you, your business/career and what you're looking to do. We layout what a coaching relationship could look like and you get to take time to think about it and make a decision . No hassle and no hidden agenda. To get an intro call booked, click here.

If you're really hesitant, start on your own and start with your time:

All the confetti being thrown,

Coach Alicia

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