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The Elements of a Successful Referral Strategy

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I was recently polling my followers on Instagram about their referral strategies. Knowing that I work predominately with my clients on this very topic, I was mildly prepared for the results that I found. Nearly 100% of people who took the poll said that referrals were incredibly important to their business. Out of those people, they scored their current referral strategy at a startling 5/10 stars. The 2 top reasons behind the low score was not feeling confident they know what to do and not having enough time to do it! PAUSE. If you're not time blocking - the time is now.

Please, hear me say this: if your referral strategy is just to wait for someone to refer to you whenever they naturally do - you are missing out. You're making your own growth much harder than it has to be! You see, what you believe about referrals will be directly correlated to the results you see in your business. If you believe referral asking is slimy, dis-genuine and only 'salesy' - I bet you're not working a referral strategy. Which makes me believe you're working 5x harder than you need to in order to add one more paying customer to your community. It doesn't have to be that difficult. What if I told you that you already have the network you need to double your business? No more trying to convert a cold lead into a customer. Referrals serve you up WARM leads every time.

Perhaps you're thinking that your business has come fast and easy - your biz just took off! While that may seem like something to bust out the confetti cannons about, don't hold your breath. *sorry to say*. Flash power only lasts so long. I want you to have a well- developed system to sustain your growth and provide predictable, high quality referrals.

Whether you're new to referral seeking or a veteran, I'd implore you to review this checklist and give an honest 1-10 scoring of yourself in each area. Perhaps the Referral Growth LIVE Training is the best action step you can takeaway from this read. Walk away with the script, the plan, the system, the confidence and the assurance that only a truly well crafted referral plan can bring.

How well does your referral strategy check the boxes?

What is one action you can take today based on reviewing the Referral Strategy Checklist?

Here's a few options:

-Write out your current referral strategy, score it from 1-10, how well is it working?

-Calculate how much of your new business this last month has come from referrals.

-Dream: What could happen if you doubled your referral business this month?

-Enroll in the LIVE Referral Growth Training - let's partner together to get you a dynamic referral strategy using the network you already have!

Cheering for you,


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