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The List Making Strategy That Protects Your Time & Sanity

Let's just dive right in because this is I M P O R T A N T. I used to have small scraps of paper floating around my desk and kitchen counter. Scribbled with things I didn't want to forget to do, these lists haunted me. I lacked a 'master list' and there was never a strategy around what I was planning to do. I would have seriously laughed at you if you told me that's what I'd be doing in a few years - - developing a strategy to writing a list. Buttttttt, here we are. This, this is the good life. This strategy has transformed my day-to-do operation and the application is for anyone who needs to do anything. So there you have it. This will work for you.

Simple enough. This is where most people stop. Stopping here leads to frantic mode and no strategy. Your time is important and a strategy will protect it. Next.

If you want to spice it up, use a colored pen or pencil to make your stars. This step helps you process and think intentional about your list. You're getting objective and it's going to pay off.

The rubber meets the road on this one. You're committing to 3 things. No worries, they're the things that are most important to you! This step is my favorite step and the differentiator between living life in urgent mode versus important mode.

It's seriously all fun and games for those who start with their top 3 todo's and get them done. Everything else is gravy, baby.

I hope it's clear to you how this is vastly different than normal todo lists. This strategy calls you out of frantic and into focused. It allows you to be intentional about what goes first and what's most important. It gives you freedom to leave things undone. This strategy helps shake up your routine and handholds you into intentional, focused living.

For more on managing your time, consider time blocking. Grab your free time blocking funnel here and learn how to stay focused on the important things in your life.

Helping protect calendars,

Coach Alicia

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