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The Simplest Way to Increase Your Efficiency

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

This is going to be so simple and I'm not sure you're ready for it. Are you?


That's it. That's the simplest way to increase your efficiency (& decrease your stress). When we kick things into an overdrive hustle, it may feel like we are being more efficient. Is now a good time to remind you that our feelings can lie to us? Maybe you're like me and can recall days where you've worked SO hard all day. Nonstop. You make it to the bed and you plop down, take a glance at your list and are shocked to see that you actually didn't really get anything done. Not all the way, anyways. You started several things in your hustle, but didn't close the loop on any. Or maybe you worked on a ton of things that could have waited days...or weeks. When we rush through our work, we lack clarity. When we lack clarity, we lose focus. When we lose focus, we become the roadblock to our goals.

If we want to genuinely increase our efficiency, we must slow down. When we slow down, we are purposeful and intentional. We are able to filter our schedule through most important to least important. We can pair 'like with like', we can add in some fun to our list (further increasing the likelihood we will get it done!) and we can be fully present.

Let me offer you a small challenge here...change your environment and your schedule. Quiet. The. Noise. Put your phone down when doing special tasks. Quiet the noise. Create a calm work space. Quiet the noise. Designate work hours and free time hours. Quiet the noise. When we start our workday in chaos (whether an overflowing inbox or a constantly dinging cell phone), everything seems urgent. It feels like if we don't multi-task and double down our efficiency there's no way we will catch up. I promise, you'll be more efficient if you slow down. You'll work with intentionality. What's important will stay important even on a full plate. You'll start being more and more okay with things sitting on your list a little while. You'll get really good at being efficient in your most important items as you focus solely on them.

Quieting the noise,

Coach Alicia

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