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Use This Scale and See How Likely The Masses Are to Buy Your Product or Service

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

So you've got something to sell and you want to be sure you're giving yourself the best opportunity to sell to the biggest (and most likely to purchase) audience, right? You also want to generate a revenue stream that's dependable and scalable. As seen in The Visual MBA by Jonah Berger, there's an adoption scale that provides a simple way to score your service or idea and identify what you can do to get the largest opportunity for adoption (aka more people purchasing).

In an ideal world, your product is well priced, easy to purchase, provides superior benefits and is easy for the consumer to use. In the real world, not every product is for everyone. Premium products have premium prices. Not everyone can sell via Amazon Prime. Certain products benefit certain people more than others. That's okay! The point of this exercise is not to make your product cheap and non-specific. The point is to identify potential opportunities for your product or service to be adopted (purchased) by more people.

Using the Adoption Scale, you'll simply plot a dot where you feel your product/service lands in each of the four categories. If you feel your product is very low priced, you'll plot your dot on the outer ring. If you feel your product or service is at a premium price, you'll plot your dot near the center. You will simply repeat this step for all 4 adoption categories. The takeaway is this: If your 4 dots are all located near the center of the circle making a bullseye, you've got a narrow audience of adoption. Listen up. I'm not saying if that's you and your product burn it and move on. This is an awareness exercise. Perhaps there's an opportunity to take one of your dots and move it to the outer ring. Let me give you an example:

There's a hot sauce company in town that apparently has the worlds hottest pepper (Carolina Reaper). Let's use their hot sauce as an example. It's moderately priced for hot sauce; cue middle ring dot. It's not giving superior benefits other than enjoyment and bragging rights; cue inner ring dot. It's easy to use (hello, it's hot sauce!); cue outer ring dot. If you know it exists, it's quite easy to purchase; cue inner ring dot. Simply looking at the adoption scale, we can see some areas where the product limits who can and will want to purchase the product. Puckerbutt Pepper Company likely has a bottom line they need to sell at to be profitable, so let's assume pricing has to stay. Can they do anything to increase their benefits and make it easier to purchase? Potentially. This is where PBP Company gets the opportunity to brainstorm. Could they potentially advertise more clearly benefits of adding some heat to your diet? I'm not here to be a better hot sauce seller than the pros.

The truth is, each of you reading this are the right person to sell your product. You know it the best. You know your industry. But, can you see how using this adoption scale can start the conversation that can lead to increasing your sales and impacting more people?

Click here to access your Adoption Scale Scoresheet and let me know how you did! Awareness can lead to powerful changes.

Cheering you on...always,

Coach Alicia Byers

(self-awareness is a great place to start. find your biggest strengths in 10 minutes, click here)

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