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What Business Coaching Did for This Entrepreneur

My business looks...entirely different than it did 2 years ago.”

~ Erin Taylor

Coaching can make a huge difference in an entrepreneur’s life. For Erin Taylor, coaching brought her and her business back from burnout. From “hustle Queen” to “well-rested entrepreneur”, she shared her journey with me in a recent conversation. In our fun and inspiring conversation, we talked about:

  • The damage of having a scarcity mindset

  • The results of burnout from lack of boundaries (catch the boundaries episode here)

  • What she did try doing to help “fix” things…

  • The damage caused by “hustle culture” roots in a business

“If you feel backed into a corner, don’t make a rash can (often) pivot or adjust… Reach out to Alicia! ” ~ Erin Taylor

Her business today

Today, Erin’s business feeds her own needs and life as well as the people she works with:

  • Her motivation is client-centered; Erin considers what she can do that will best serve them. She looks for her ideal client and has crafted a “Wow!” process that over-delivers

  • She has established - and maintains - business boundaries, especially with technology (you’ll love her ideas about cellphone boundaries!)

  • She approaches her business from an abundant mindset

  • She shares what she knows, rather than continuing to struggle with “imposter syndrome”

  • She has crafted specific, intentional, and relevant activities that build up her clients, some that may not even have been a promised deliverable

  • She creates, rather than consumes

And the result is that she now has more time to work on her business, can experiment with service and project ideas without fear of failure, has more free time...and has become a well-rested entrepreneur!

“(Now, I) clearly communicate (my) boundaries with (my) clients upon onboarding - and stick with them!”

~ Erin Taylor

Listen to the entire episode here

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