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What To Do When Your Time Management Stinks

In this blog you're going to see the results of the time management test I talked about in last week’s podcast episode Gulp.

(And if you aren’t familiar with it, pause reading and go take a listen to that episode first!)

Usually, our time usage improves - at least slightly - when we track our activities

Except when it doesn’t.

And I’m a bit embarrassed to say that last week was perhaps one of the worst-time-managed weeks I’ve had in a long time!

It all began on Monday.

From the get-go, I had trouble fitting in all that I was doing in my 30-minute time increments. What that showed me was that I’m frantic, chaotic, and unorganized.

Ugh…that’s so hard to admit.

And what that means is that all those activities are not getting my best. There’s no way somebody can multi-task to that level and deliver quality effort.

I was also able to track how much time during the day I was actually working.

And time spent on my phone. (Too much…)

And time spent working “after hours” (which, for me, is 4 pm). (Also too much.)

I justified the after-hours work by saying once I got “caught up” I wouldn’t have to do that anymore. Which, we know, is never the case, right?

A time-management trap I discovered

That after-hours work happened because I felt that I was behind.

But the majority of those tasks did not have deadlines.

Now, I don’t want to downplay the importance of our feelings, but they can wreak havoc on our lives. And they sure did on mine last week!

However, listen to the episode to hear how I was able to honor my feelings and expectations, my schedule, and the reality of my work as I processed all that information.

So, how’d YOU do with this experiment?

If you’re less than satisfied with your results, let me encourage you to try this simple process:

  • When you are overwhelmed with a sense of urgency and too-many-things-to-do…

  • Pause.

  • Get a sheet of paper and write out #allthethings swimming around your head.

  • Finally, looking at your calendar, give them realistic deadlines.

Make sure you pencil in times for rest, too, friend, ‘cause we know “good rest fuels great work!”

To access the tracker, download your copy here.

Listen to the entire episode here to help you discover ways to tame your time management craziness!

And if we haven’t met already, find me on Instagram @coachaliciabyers

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