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When Frustrations Don't Feel Like Opportunities

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Frustrations can look like having to step in and solve big problems at lightning speed without the proper resources to do so. They can look like working from home, shaking up your routine and suddenly having to keep personal connections with people over a screen. Or maybe they look like not knowing where the next positive transaction in your business is going to come from due to the inability to sell as you always have.

Feeling like we don't understand where to go or what to do is incredibly frustrating. Frustrations are always the indicators of opportunities. But what if the frustrations have mounted and the hope of an opportunity to learn and grow has fled?

When frustrations don't feel like opportunities,

you lean in.

When the feelings aren't there you lean into the facts. You lean into others. You lean into resources and you ask for help. The truth is, people have faced extreme challenges and frustrations before this one. For example, before we've had to face COVID-19 lockdown, there's an entrepreneur or business owner who faced isolation and a disjointed workspace due to an office flood or maybe they faced homeschooling while working due to a child battling sickness. Lean into finding their story. Seek out the opportunity to learn and grow. The frustrations can mount and paralyze us to take action if we don't create mindfulness around them. It's okay to be frustrated, hurt, mad, annoyed and overwhelmed.

What's going on around us is frustrating, but don't miss the opportunity simply because you are stuck in the feeling of frustration. Beat the paralysis that frustration can bring through intentionally looking for the opportunity. (to find your own self-opportunities, try this quick assessment)

Maybe this is an opportunity for you to reground yourself and your business. Is there something you can learn from navigating these days? Is there a new way you can do your work? Is there an opportunity to further serve your clients and customers? How can you lean into these days with an openness to learn?

To be vulnerable, I've personally felt the sting of losing my daily routine. Waking up earlier than my house, knocking out an hour of business, getting my kids off to their school program twice a week so I can work 9-12 uninterrupted...Right now, I've got my husband in our office which has displaced me to the ever-calming play room and I've got my little people home 24/7. Love them, but to type up this email has required some serious screen time. But I'm learning through it. This has given me an opportunity to learn more about how I work and how I can adjust my time blocking to accommodate this 'new normal'. I'm reminded (as I hope you are as well!) that I can do hard things and so can you.

The opportunities are there, lean in and find them.

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