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When to Put The Phone Down - 6 Times You Can

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

If you've been around, I'm sure you'll remember the 6 Times to Put Your Phone Down challenge. I personally challenged myself to practice presence during these 6 unique times. If you don't recall the first 6, click here for a refresher! This initial challenge resonated with many of you and I've spent the following weeks paying close attention to other times I have my phone in my hand when I totally don't need to!

I'm very excited to share with you 6 More Times To Put The Phone Down.

While some are a little embarrassing, they're out in the open and there's no shame coming from me. After all, where do you think I made the list from….?!?

1. When I'm Using The Bathroom. Cue the awkward. I can't say everyone does this, but I can presume almost everyone does. 1) nasty and 2) if there's any time to not be connected - it's this time. Maybe it's time to use your bathroom time to just relax and well, do your business....without checking your DM's. I won't even go into the nasty germs that leap onto your phone in the bathroom...the same phone you PUT AGAINST YOUR FACE LATER. Okay, time to move on.

2. When I'm At A Red Light. How many of us have justified being on our cell phone while operating a vehicle just because ‘I'm at a red light'?

*quietly raises own hand .

Maybe we've even defended this behavior with this excuse - YIKES. Here's the deal - keep yourself, your passengers and other drivers safe...put your phone down while you're driving. What if you used your drive time to think, process, listen to a podcast or enjoy the silence instead?

3. While I'm Cooking Dinner. Not being dramatic, but why must we always try and multi-task?!? What is so wrong with being fully present in one task and not feeling like we have to juggle more on our plate 24/7? I catch myself in this space quite often - feeling like I can catch up on a few things while dinner simmers on the stovetop. Personally, I'm working big time on this one. Being comfortable just sitting there and truly experiencing cooking and preparing for time together as a family is worth my full attention. Everything else can take a hike.

4. While I'm Exercising. Want to double the time it takes you to get in a good workout? I have an idea for you - pick up your phone between sets! Funny, not funny. When we've got our phones right beside us during a workout 1) we likely aren't giving our full effort because we our attention is being diverted and 2) we cannot maximize the time we have for our movement. It's not uncommon to carve an hour out of our day to exercise, but only spend about 30 minutes of it actually doing the moving. What's keeping you from higher levels of performance?

5. When I'm Waiting In The School Pick-Up Line. Again, cue the danger - but also the multi-tasking. This one may not apply to everyone, but the concept is this - when we are waiting on something (anything) we don't have to be entertained. Sit in the silence. Listen to a fun song you enjoy. Prepare to engage with those around you. Practice deep breathing. Whatever it is, fight the urge to be continuously entertained.

6. When I'm Out On A Date. Whether it's a casual date or super romantic one - quick phone checks get the best of us. What would it look like to be fully present for an entire date (including the car ride)? How might that positively effect your relationship with that person? I know, some of us may need to have our phones on in the case of an emergency. But put your phone on do not disturb and set it to allow calls from your emergency contact number. Presto - stay present and let it go. Most of us crave date nights and alone time with those we love...but when we finally get it... we neglect to maximize the time and stay engaged in meaningful connection with them. Let's make a shift.

There we go. 6 More times the phone can be put down. I'm curious, what is one action you're going to take away from this quick read? When are you going to intentionally put the phone down when you normally have it in your hand? Grab a sheet of paper and write down your commitment. Knowledge is simply potential power. Make use of it and turn the knowing into doing.

Tossing Confetti for YOU,

Coach Alicia

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