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Why You Need to Stop Asking for Referrals

Want to grow your business this coming year? Stop asking for referrals, and do this instead.

What does your referral process look like? Typically, it goes like this:

  • Work with a client

  • Get amazing results

  • Awkwardly ask for a referral when it’s all over

  • And then…crickets…

Ever wonder why that is?

It happens when you take a transactional approach to your business…rather than a relational one.

And businesses are built on relationships - not transactions!

Here’s the secret sauce, however: this conversation needs to start at the get-go. As soon as you’ve started working with someone, ask them if it will be ok to check in with them during the process and ask them for:

  • feedback as to what’s been helpful (and what hasn’t been)

  • anybody they know who could use the product or service you’re already sharing with your client.

They won't feel pressure about giving you a referral, and will actually feel good about helping a friend or colleague out by introducing them to you.

Ah, yes, the introduction

Asking for an introduction is how you pivot from transactional to relational. You’ll find making the ask will become a lot less stressful or anxiety-provoking, because, over time, this process will become a natural part of your conversation.

It’s no longer about making the sale, but rather finding who to serve.

What else is happening here? These are ways you’re helping your client and helping your own business in the process:

Your client is invited to share their opinion/perspective of your service with you,

and it’s helping you fine-tune your skills.

You’re giving them a “heads up” that you’ll be asking for their assistance,

and taking the pressure off yourself to get another customer/client.

You’re getting their permission to continue this conversation,

and they see you as engaging them in the goal to serve others.

They’re getting the benefit of your expertise,

and you’re enabling them to be a resource to others in their own network.

This, my friend, is a win-win-win situation, no matter how you look at it!

To summarize the process:

  • Make sure the concept is part of your early conversations

  • Start with asking them for feedback

  • Ask them periodically if this relationship/process could help anyone in their network

  • If so, ask them to make an introduction

Your next step

Go ahead and challenge yourself in the new year. If this conversation isn’t already something you engage in with your clients, reach out to ONE past or current client and get the ball rolling! You’ll be amazed (and thrilled) at the results. And don’t forget to let me know how it goes - reach out to me on Instagram (@coachaliciabyers). and tell me all about it! Be sure to check out the podcast episode where I spill the tea on this strategy.

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