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Winter: Seasons in Business

Of course, every season is important in your business, but winter is often overlooked.

And while these seasons may look different for everyone, it’s important that each one is included in your schedule so that you can have a healthy balance of growth, both personally and in your business. Unlike the seasons in real life, they don’t (and shouldn’t) last an entire quarter. Actually, each week should have a bit of each season in your schedule. Really, you can do it!

Why is Winter important?

It’s about reflecting and strategizing. It’s truly foundational; the off-season where we can step away from the doing and creating, and get high-level.

What Winter in Your Business Might Look Like

To give you an idea of what winter might look like for you, here are some of the activities that occur during my winter season:

  • Meeting with my business coach - and this doesn’t have to be a paid activity!

  • Reviewing my upcoming calendar

  • Write down goals for the week/month/quarter

  • Track any analytics/data/metrics

  • Focusing on my business as the CEO (as opposed to doing #allthethings)

A few other activities that could be included are:

  • Coaching - Consider finding a mentor or mastermind community.

  • Personal development

  • Time blocking - look at how you’re spending your time and analyze strategies

  • Budget review

  • Rest and renewal

What happens if you ignore winter?

Well, considering some of the activities that happen in winter, it’s pretty clear that if you don’t schedule in winter…it’ll come after you! Without reflecting and analyzing our strategies and results, we can’t improve or allow for any growth in our business.

And if you try to avoid winter because you’re an action-taker…you can miss important opportunities. You might make:

  • Hasty, ill-advised decisions

  • Spend more money than you have to

  • Be inconsistent and thus frustrated with your (lack of) results

What happens if you stay in winter?

But, of course, we can’t stay in winter because if we do, we’re not taking action. We’re only and always preparing…but never moving forward! Now, if you’re comfortable in winter, you might need a bit more of that season (don't neglect listening to yourself!), but put a limit on it. Maybe a day a week. Or a portion of each day. Just make sure you keep it in balance.

Your action steps

This week, think about how much time you’re spending in winter.

Then, consider what it’s costing you…Does it feel balanced? Is your business flowing well?

And also, make sure you DO spend some time in winter this week, reflecting and resting, because… good rest fuels great work!

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