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Write Better Goals & Increase Your Success Rate

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

What would happen if you wrote your goals in such a way that they improved your likelihood of successfully achieving them?

Lots of people can scribble down wishes on scrap pieces of paper, but few people can write knock-out goals that improve their success rate. SMART goals are the key to great goal writing. Great goal writing is the key to increased success. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive. They are well-rounded and detailed. They aren't drafted on a whim, but thought about, edited and fine-tuned.

Broad goals are a great starting place. For example, Be Healthier. That's a big one for many people and gives us a good example. Becoming healthier is a great initiative to start, but as a goal it's not going to serve you well. What does being healthier look and feel like? How will you know when you've achieved 'healthier'?

Quantify your goals into measurable aspects + you're almost there! When you've got the measurable items attached, be sure they're attainable and realistic. If your plan is to be healthier by losing 75 lbs in January....full stop. That's not attainable or realistic, but it does qualify as specific, measurable and time sensitive. It's got to be all-around SMART. Here's a few more examples:

When you choose to write your goals in a SMART way, you're choosing to chase hard after success. You've made a decision to set yourself apart and increase your odds at success. After all, these are the things you really want so I bet you're ready to make some edits!

Now, imagine if all of your well-written goals are achieved? Would that align with where you want to see your life, habits, bank account and journey? At this stage, you get to fine tune. Make adjustments and tweaks. Make sure the success of these goals does bring you to your long term dream. Do you believe you can achieve these goals? Get behind them, fully own them and be accountable to them. You've got this.

If you're feeling better about your goals...but aren't sure you've got the time to spend on them - be sure you know how to time block effectively:

In your corner,

Coach Alicia

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